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best known for ZEEKtheFREAK, but he has many more talents & hopefully this website will introduce you to them..


Due to cost cutting I have had to change many plans. One is that the CD will be firstly available for download from Bandcamp and later will be a limited edition CD. It was also be homemade again.

Another product to feel the pinch, will be the Official website for ZEEKtheFREAK, this website will be closing down in April and I'm slowly transfering all the pages from that website to this website in a special ZEEKtheFREAK section.

There will also be seperate blogs for both ZEEKtheFREAK and for Zeek D'Accoustique.



As you may have read on Facebook/ Twitter or one of those social media sites. The CD has a new name and will now be called 'Spaced out on Planet Bizarre'. The reason for the change, I found 'the Gullible's Travels' too negative and now with keeping of the ZEEKtheFREAK album titles



My friends, I would like to ask you to support me, be it as myself or as ZEEKtheFREAK.. In order for me to keep the costs of the CD's down or the Fools Funnybone (which is still free) I need for my friends and my followers to support my by donating something HERE or pledging a small amount every month HERE. I am not asking for the moon, just the amount you would spend on a pint at the weekend. Thank you for helping out and I will continue to produce the goods....



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